Fitness & Group Exercise

    La Camarilla offers 4 fitness rooms and is dedicated to increasing the level of fitness for both adults and children. Along with 2 Weight Rooms - the main room plus a separate group training/sport specific room, there is a separate Aerobics (Group Fitness) Room and Group Cycling Room.  Our certified staff of professionals are eager to show you how to use the machines in the weight and cardiovascular areas plus much more.


    Weight Rooms

    PRECOR Treadmills, Ellipticals and Recumbent Bikes
    * CYBEX Arc Trainers
    * EPIC Strength Circuit Machines
    * FreeMotion Circuit - a complete line!
    * Lifecycle upright bikes
    * Stepmills
    * Concept II Rowers
    * Expresso Internet Interactive Upright Bikes - The first stationary cycle to fuse exertainment
    with web-based personalization features in a commercial-quality system!
    Eye-catching and fully-integrated design. A favorite among riders!
    * Cybex & Hammer Strength machines
    * Free weights, benches and other strength training apparatus
    * Stretching areas with bands, discs, fitness balls, TRX, Battle ropes & Bosu balls

    Home of the Tyree Strength Systems
    Coach T says... “The only thing better than wanting to win is hating to lose. If you think life’s tough now, wait ‘til you’re sittin’ the bench! “ Here at Tyree Strength Systems we’re not in the business of losing, we’re in the business of making champions!

    For a fun and intense workout, try our INDOOR CYCLING BIKES set in a customized room with a state-of-the-art sound system and black lights.

    Group Fitness, Yoga & Indoor Group Cycling Class Descriptions & Schedule
    Our wide array of classes are all included in the monthly dues - NO HIDDEN COSTS - and are taught by certified instructors who will lead you through these classes which include Muscle Cardio, Body Sculpting, Step, Yoga, Active Seniors, HIIT, RIPPED, Zumba and Indoor Group Cycling.

    Please click here for the current Group Fitness Schedule.




    Click here to download the TYREE PROGRAM flyer.


    Click here to download a great story about Iskra Balchev's Olympic Silver Medal!


    Iskra is now offering rowing lessons with an introductory special of 3 sessions for $99.00.
    You may contact her at the front desk 480-998-3388.

    ROWING COMPETITION - CONGRATULATIONS to all members who competed in the Indoor Rowing Championship held at Brophy Prep Saturday, Feb. 22nd.
    All participants rowed 2000 meters.
    Thanks to Iskra Balchev for getting everyone involved and she won her division with a time of 8 minutes, 7seconds.!
    Nathan Alcocer, our tennis pro and personal trainer won his division too with a time of 7 minutes, 56 seconds!
    Christina Dart, Bob Fischer and Vassily Jirov also competed and gave it their best!

    l-r Christina, Iskra, Nathan, Bob, Vassily

    Iskra coaching Vassily


    CONGRATULATIONS to La Camarilla member JIM NORTON who recently won the AZ version of Dancing with the Stars- Men's Judges Choice!!!
    It was a benefit for the Kidney Foundation and held at the Phoenician Resort February 22nd. Jim portrayed the debonair James Bond in a sizzling routine with his professional dance partner. Jim trained extensively for his competition at La Camarilla.

    with Rick German

    Indoor Cycling on our state-of-the-art bikes is a great way to get in shape - extreme calorie burn. It's also low impact and all ability levels can cycle!

    Sign up at the front desk. For more info you can reach Rick at 443-801-4163
    Please click here for the Indoor Cycling Flyer



    HealthFair is partnering with Scottsdale Healthcare to provide communities with mobile health screenings for heart attack, stroke, and aneurysm on a coach that is about the size of a Blood Mobile.
    There is a charge for the screenings, but it is at an extremely reduced rate. Most insurance companies do not allow their clients to get these screenings done unless they have the signs or symptoms of these diseases and all too often you do not have the signs until it is already too late. If you were to receive these same tests in a hospital without insurance, it would cost upwards of $2,300. They are trying to promote awareness as well as provide our services at an affordable rate with the health insurance crisis throughout the nation.

    6 tests- Heart Disease, Stroke & Aneurysm
    Prevention Package for $179
    or 5 Year Disease Risk & Lipid Panel for $99
    or Combine Both Packages, Get $20 OFF!

    The next screening is TUESDAY, MARCH 29th, 2016.

    So call now or go online to schedule your appointment
    Sign up online at:



    Chiropractic Physician Dr. Joseph Johnson.  His XCEL Sports Clinic is located in North Scottsdale off of the 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright. 
    As a La Camarilla member you will receive a complementary physical exam and treatment including (if necessary) Chiropractic Adjustment, Myofascial Release, Stretching, and RockTape Kinesiology Taping.  Please call or go online to take advantage of this exclusive offer today!  

    Dr. Joseph Johnson

    XCEL Sports Clinic
    9170 E Bahia Dr Suite 109
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    480.648.XCEL (9235)




    WITH CAPTAIN CORY and Assistant Coaches Jodi & Kathy who beat the
    The OUTLAWS with Captain ABAY and Assistant Coaches Chris & Dayna
    in the final week!
    Score: 182-147

    Thanks to all 80+ who participated and to those who attended the bonus events.
    Congrats also to the individuals who scored 2 touchdowns:
    Maureen Anders - was also the top yardage gainer for The Smokin' Aces
    Iskra Balchev - who also gained the most amount of yards - won an MVP trophy
    Larry Murphy
    Carl Yoder
    Becky Wallace - who was also top yardage gainer for The Outlaws

    Thanks to all who came to the Tailgate Party and received their awards.

    Here's some of the hikers that participated in our bonus event Saturday. Jan.29th - at the top of Lost Dog Trail - McDowell Mountains.



    La Camarilla personal trainers give you close, personal attention and help you reach your goals quickly and effectively.

    All of our trainers have a national certification and/or a four year degree in exercise science or a related field.  Our trainers have some of the best credentials, including the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association—the gold standards for personal training certification.

    Trainers are available most times of the day for one-on-one sessions or group training packages. If you are interested in working with a La Camarilla personal trainer or want more information, please contact our personal training coordinator at 480.998.3388 or

    3 Personal Training Hour Sessions $99 (Regular Value $195)
    Good for first time clients only.
    Call Kathy, Abay, Chris or Jodi to schedule a time to fit your schedule.

    Personal Training Brochure - cover
    and Personal Training Brochure - details

    Personal training fees:
    To use personal training services, members may choose any of the following packages.


    1 - 11 Sessions $65 per session
    12 - 24 Sessions $60 per session

    Semi-Private: 2 clients
    1 - 11 Sessions $37.50 each person per session
    12 - 24 Sessions $35.00 per person per session

    Small Group: 3 clients
    1 - 11 Sessions $27.50 per session
    12 - 24 Sessions $25.00 per session

    Small Group: 4 clients
    1 - 11 Sessions $22.50 per session
    12 - 24 Sessions $20.00 per session

    Note: Larger groups than 4 people will be based on $20 per person per session.


    One-On-One: $40 per session

    For first time clients - try One-on-One personal training
    3 Sessions for $99.00

    One-on-One training offers the most infividualized attention.
    Clients receive a written Resistance Training Program.
    Clients receive Cardiovascular Recommendations.
    Clients will be given suggested nutritional guidelines.


    If you are interested in personal training at the La Camarilla, please contact our Fitness Director at 480.998.3388 or to schedule an appointment to choose the right style of personal trainer for you and your fitness goals.

    KATHY EVENSON-HOWARD, Group Fitness Director
    ACE, CPR, Cycling, Personal Trainer

    Kathy entered the fitness field over 40 years ago (and has been at La Camarilla for almost 30) because of her own personal FAT fight (she weighed 145 by age 11 and hit all time high of 210 by age 22). She found helping others commit to nutrition and fitness as a lifestyle very rewarding and lives by the phrase "you teach best what you most need to learn". She was instrumental in developing the small group training program at La Camarilla and she continues to stay current on all fitness and nutritional trends to share with her clients. She firmly believes that it is important to "Share a Lifestyle of Health and Fitness with Friends" - encouraging everyone she meets to make it some part of their life every day. 

    In her spare time, she enjoys the company of her husband Bob, along with friends, at movies, dinners, plays, hiking, tennis, or dancing. Together they have 3 boys, 5 grandchiildren and have recently been blessed witht the addition of one great-granddaughter (which, of course, helps make staying healthy and fit mandatory). Look forward to every single day!!
    Contact Kathy at 480.998.3388 or

    Rowing Instructor

    Iskra Balchev is originally from Bulgaria where she was a Silver Medalist in the 1980 Moscow Olympics as well as having competed in four other Olympic Games in rowing.
    Now a U.S. citizen and a full time massage therapist here at La Camarilla, she still competes in sanctioned world championships of the International
    Federation of Rowing (FISA).
    Iskra still trains heavily on our Concept 2 rowing machines in the weight room. These are the #1 rowing machines for rowing competitors. In fact Iskra has won a major competition, the 2000 Boston World Championships of Indoor Rowing, on the Concept 2 rower.
    This is just one of the many gold medals she’s earned in international competition over the last 30 years. With all of her accomplishments, Iskra has had so many members and friends ask her about rowing that she is now making herself available for private training at La Camarilla.
    Iskra has a B.S. degree in Physical Science, Massage Therapy license and is an Internationally Certified Rowing Coach. With this world of knowledge and technical expertise, we are thrilled to have her on our training staff of true professionals
    Contact Iskra at 480.998.3388 or

    NASM Personal Trainer

    Nathan comes to us from Southern California, growing up in Upland, CA and trained for tennis as a junior under the famous coach John Corig. Nathan excelled in junior tennis competition and had a brief pro-satellite tenure. He loves the sport and went on and received his USPTA certification as a tennis teaching pro and we added him as one of our staff pros. He is also a fitness enthusiast and has now added a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer certification to his resume. Nathan has the unique skill of combining personal training and coaching a sport as a profession. He can design and implement a fitness program for a specific sport or overall conditioning for clients of all physical abilities from sedentery juniors and adults to professional athletes.
    Contact Nathan at 480.998.3388 or

    Personal Trainer/Coach

    Coach Tyree has over 30 years of experience in training athletes of all ages. He directs the Tyree Strength System and has had tremendous success with his clients. He's trained individuals from as young as 10 years of age to high school and on to college and many pro athletes. You will find him in our newly revamped Hammer Strength Training Center featuring the Tyree Strength System.
    You can contact him at 602-405-3434 or at the club 480-998-3388.

    Click here to download Tyree Strength System Brochure Cover

    Click here to download Tyree Strength System Brochure Details



    Group training keeps you motivated!!!

    All of our trainers will schedule small groups for training. It's fun and less expensive. You may contact any of the trainers to see if you can be included in one of their groups, or they can start a new one.

    BODY BUDDIES Group Training
    Kathy Evenson-Howard, certified personal trainer offers her very successful BODY BUDDIES group training program.

    Click on this link: Body Buddies to read the details of her very successful program.

    Download the BODY BUDDIES brochure:
    Please click here



    Youth Weight Room Certification Ages 12-13

    If you are ages 12 or 13 and are serious about looking better, feeling better, getting stronger and healthier, GET CERTIFIED!!! We offer a program that would allow you to come in and use the facility with your parents or on your own! No students under age 14 are currently allowed in the weight rooms; certification will give you that privilege. You will receive a badge and a lanyard upon certification that will allow you entrance to the weight room.

    We offer several options for the Youth Certification:
    2 or 3 hour program.
    1 student: 2 hour program given on 1 day. Cost $80.
    2 students: 2 hour program given on 1 day. Cost $65 per student.
    3 or more students: 3 hour program with 1 and 1/2 hours each day for 2 days.
    Youth Certification Cost: $50.00
    Register at the front desk: 480-998-3388.

    Check for next session at the front desk.