Indoor Cycling

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La Camarilla features a private Indoor Cycling Studio. Come pedal to a heart thumping, energetic cycling class with one of our nationally certified instructors!

Indoor Cycling classes are included with all memberships.

A water bottle is mandatory and may be purchased at the front desk.  Heart rate monitors are strongly suggested.  There are cycling shoe clips plus cages in which you can just insert regular tennis shoes to ride the bikes.

Rick German, one of our instructors offers private or group cycling instruction.
Features for Indoor cycling at La Camarilla

Lemond Bikes that have a pilot which will connect to your personal heart rate monitor
Clip ins for bike shoes
Great sound system


Learn how to set up the bike to fit you
No avoiding cars crossing the street
Great for any age group (min. of 13 yrs. old & must fit the bike)
Extreme calorie burn u saves time u great warm up tool
No pounding on your knees
Improve your health
Excellent way to cross train while you’re getting prepared for any indoor or outdoor activity


  • Private Instruction
Please call Rick German for questions and availability.  443-801-4163